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Fatal Submission --- Itachi & Sakura

Fatal Submission, an Itachi x Sakura community
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Welcome to Fatal Submission, a community dedicated to the relationship between Uchiha Itachi and Haruno Sakura from the anime/manga series Naruto. All content on them together is welcome.

If you're a fan of this pairing, we encourage you to join. If this pairing isn't your thing, maybe try finding something that is. Please read the rules and have fun!

The community has just gone through a series of updates late last year, but it's always being worked on. If you have any suggestions, give 'em 'ere!

[Last updated: 13 October 2007]

Uchiha Itachi

Missing-nin, s-class criminal, member of Akatsuki

Uchiha Sasuke, Hoshigaki Kisame, Akatsuki members

Akatsuki's objectives, taking Naruto, possibly a future confrontation with Sasuke

Haruno Sakura

Konoha chuunin, medic-nin, member of Team Kakashi

Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi, Tsunade, Yamanaka Ino

Saving Sasuke and protecting both him and Naruto


Differing loyalties, contradicting goals. Sasuke torn between his brother and his friends, Naruto's trust in his team and the danger he faces. Sakura's love, Itachi's control, and the war that tears between them.

Power and faith, loyalty and strength, devotion and ambition...
There is an amount of uncontrol in everyone, a justification for anything if wanted enough, a failing in every conviction.

How far are the strong willing to yield?
How deep can convictions be compromised?

How fast does your heart have to beat before you realize
it's more than a distraction?


[1] Stay on topic. If you are posting as part of a larger icon/graphics/fanfic/fanart batch, please keep the emphasise on the ItaSaku portion while posting here. Preview only ItaSaku-related items. Ads are okay as long as they are relevant to ItaSaku.

[2] Lj-cut for: large or multiple images, long posts, manga spoilers, any content requiring a warning, and anything that would distort the community layout.

[3] Clearly mark above lj-cuts and links with warnings for content.

[4] Be respectful. No bashing or flaming. Keep criticisms constructive and don't over-criticize.

[5] If it's not yours, clearly state so. Try to give credit where it's due: art, authorship, brushes, textures, graphics, icons, etc.

[6] Try to write properly. Grammar and Punctuation are our friends; weird font abuses are not.

When Posting...

A mini-guide on posting; These are not rules, just a nudge in a good direction if anyone needs it. So, when posting...

Use spell-check. LiveJournal has a built-in spell-checker for easy use.

Include headers when posting fanwork, so we know what we're getting into. There are many ways to do this, here are a few examples:

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Keep posts on topic. As long as there's relevant Itachi and Sakura interaction in or addressed in it, it's good. What's good includes: Various fanworks or recommendations, discussion or analyses, various genres and ratings, dual relationships, and so forth.

Advertisements are fine as long as they have something to do with ItaSaku. Batch posts of varying subjects are fine as long as the ItaSaku portion is emphasized. (Batch posts of solely ItaSaku content are love. <333)

If you have several similar things to post at once, group them together into one post so as not to spam the community.

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The community title "Fatal Submission" was suggested by Riomi, and selected because it sounds cool.

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